As your business grows, so does your dependency on reliable access to real-time information and online business applications. We can provide dedicated Internet access as the premium product in our spectrum of Internet connections, boasting the most reliable high speed interface to our network. With a dedicated connection, businesses can utilize Internet bandwidth to provide a springboard for many technologies, including in-house server hosting (E-Mail, web, etc.), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and Voice over IP (VOIP).

CTI Networks provides Internet bandwidth from our network backbone which is multi-homed, interconnecting with various national and local access providers. CTI Networks facilitates national network interconnections between Verizon, Centurylink, Cogent and Level3 with local telephone company connections between Verizon, CenturyLink, Cogent, Level3, Frontier, and One Communications. CTI Networks offers full T1 port connections for Internet access (plus telephone company local loop fee, applicable taxes and surcharges).