Internet or technology companies wishing to offer DSL services for the first time.

CTI Networks has an established and growing DSL service footprint. Many of our new wholesale partners are experiencing diminishing dial-up customer bases due to broadband deployment and marketing within their service areas by broadband providers. Small Internet companies have a loyal customer base who wish to remain their customer but need broadband service in their home. Barriers to Entry into the DSL market are difficult to overcome at this late stage in DSL deployment and include:

  • Difficulty in establishing points of contact/wholesale representatives with the telephone companies
  • High cost of circuit deployment both between telephone company to the Internet company and new backbone requirements to service higher bandwidth customers
  • Establishing collocation facilities and circuit termination end points
  • Learning the new technology and training staff

This list is among only a few of the many challenges to entering the DSL market for the first time. CTI Networks wholesale DSL Services can eliminate much of these challenges right up front for a per line cost that is lower than the national wholesale providers. Also, adding DSL offerings can help you meet the needs of your existing customer base eliminating the need for loyal customers to seek service of a less favored competitor and mitigate customer loss. Best of all, the customer is still completely your customer!

Surround Support Program

Surround Support allows technology businesses the ability to pick and choose the service where they need help. From sales to billing to technical support and much much more, we are here for you.

See Our Service Areas Map for complete listing of DSL cities.