ISPs wishing to expand their service areas.

As your ISP grows and wishes to expand to new geographic regions you will find that the Telco networks make that expansion difficult. Costly new circuits must be installed in each State, LATA, Telco, etc. This can lead to excessive cost per customer in any given service region. Many existing DSL providers choose to use PVC Aggregation to expand their current DSL footprint while maintaining their existing DSL network intact. Often these ISPs soon come to appreciate the personalized level of service and ease of dealing with CTI. The benefits of Economies of Scale that can be achieved on the wholesale level prompt some ISPs to eventually convert their entire customer base over to CTI Wholesale, eliminating the need for costly backbone maintenance and upgrades on a continuing basis for the ISP. Best of all, the customer is still completely your customer!

How do I get started?

CTI Networks understands each ISP situation is unique. We offer base packages we can use as a jumping off point and can compare your situation to existing relationships we enjoy with other ISPs. Please contact us at 877-726-3848, option 1 or use our Contact form to discuss your needs further and come up with a solution catered specifically toward your ISP.